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PyyWhite Creations is a woman-, veteran-owned small business. That's me, Chrissy!  

I started making soap several years ago because products on the market weren't meeting my  allergy needs. In fact, it was quite the happy accident that it came about at all. I was watching Safiya Nygaard on YouTube. Not one of my normal channels, but that day she was making soap and I clicked it. Why? No idea, but goodness am I glad I did. It was an entertaining video but what really did it for me was in the suggested videos that came after. The very next item was a video by Katie@Royalty Soaps. It never once occurred to me that I could make my own soap, soap that contained things I actually wanted and none of the things I didn't! Mind. Blown. That was it. If you haven't watched any Katie videos, I highly recommend it. She is so fun and happy and bubbly! This fabulous young lady led me down a rabbit hole from which I still haven't escaped. No regrets!  


After my first bar of soap, this led me to take a look at my shower. So. Many. Plastic. Bottles! I was determined to get rid of every single one. Since that time, I have successfully removed all plastic from my shower and bathroom. The only item I don't make for myself is my toothpaste, but even that is no longer in a plastic tube. I use Bite Toothpaste Bits. Bite has similar goals to myself and I love that. 

My mission is now to produce high-quality, lovely for the skin, handmade bath and body products packaged in eco-friendly materials, helping to reduce the amount of plastic we are using in our homes. 

Thank you for taking a moment of your busy life to look around the shop and considering a change away from the bottle! 

Note - I am not affiliated in any way or sponsored by the people/places I linked above. I just really like them and their products and want to share the love. 

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